Presentations – Princeton, NJ

April 18-19, 2023 HPC User Forum, Princeton, NJ

Speaker Organization Title PDF Download
N/A HPC User Forum Agenda Click here
Daniel Andrews NASA Volatiles Investigating Polar Exploration Rover VIPER Click here
David Bader NJIT Massive Scale Analytics for Real-World Applications Click here
Ron Bewtra HPE Vendor Update Click here
Bret Costelow


Innovative Technologies Panel Click here
Jeno Cram VAST Vendor Update Click here
Chuanfei Dong Boston University Magnetohydrodynamic Modeling at Various Scales: From the Turbulent Solar Corona to the Coupled Earth-Moon System Click here
William Dorland PPPL Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory Update Click here
John Feo PNNL Analyzing Streaming Data in Real-Time Without Central Control Click here
Ian Fisk Flatiron Institute Flatiron Institute Site Update Click here
Curtis Hillegas Princeton University Site Update – Princeton University Click here
Travis Humble ORNL Quantum Science Center Update Click here
Earl Joseph Hyperion Research HPC Market Update Click here
Luca Longoni


Radiation Transport Modeling Click here
Salvatore Mandra


Improved Simulations of Random Quantum Circuits Click here
Paul Muzio

HPC User Forum

SciFi, Computing, and AI Click here
Mark Nossokoff Hyperion Research New Directions in HPC Storage and Interconnects Click here
Molly Peeples


Using HPC for the Modeling of Galaxy Formation and Evolution Click here
Philip Pokorny

Penguin Solutions

Innovative Technologies Panel Click here
Mark Stickells

Pawsey Supercomputing Research Centre

The Path to Exascale HPC, Quantum Computing and the Square Kilometre Array (SKA) Click here
William Tang PPPL The Intersection of HPC and AI & Modern Magnetic Fusion Energy Development Click here
Aidan Thompson SNL LAMMPS, AI/ML Interatomic Potentials, and Leadership HPC Platforms Click here
John Unthank IBM Innovative Technologies Panel Click here