FAQs on Hyperion Research

Q. What is Hyperion Research?

A. Hyperion Research is the new name for the former IDC high performance computing (HPC) analyst team. As Hyperion Research, the team continues all the worldwide activities that have made it the world’s most respected HPC industry analyst group for more than 25 years, including HPC and HPDA market sizing and tracking, subscription services, custom studies and papers, and operating the HPC User Forum. It’s business as usual under the new name.

Q. Does Hyperion Research include the same people as were on the IDC HPC team?

A. Hyperion Research includes many of the same people who were on the IDC HPC team. The HPC team has grown since becoming Hyperion Research to now include:

  • Earl Joseph, CEO
  • Bob Sorensen, Senior VP – Research
  • Mark Nossokoff, Senior Analyst
  • Jaclyn Ludema, Analyst
  • Melissa Riddle, Associate Analyst
  • Tom Sorensen, Associate Analyst
  • Cary Sudan, Survey Specialist
  • Jean Sorensen, COO
  • Mike Thorp, VP – Global Sales
  • Kurt Gantrish, VP – Global Sales

Q. Why did the IDC HPC team become Hyperion Research?

A. As a condition for the recent sale of IDC and parent IDG to China’s Oceanwide, IDC agreed with the U.S. Government to divest the HPC team because of its strategic value to the Government. IDC agreed to fully support the team under the interim Hyperion Research name until a suitable new U.S. corporate home is found. Today, the Hyperion Research team is comfortably operating inside of IDC, conducting business as usual, but completely separated from the rest of IDC while the search for a new U.S. home proceeds.

Q. Describe Hyperion Research’s business.

A. With 100+ years of combined HPC experience, the team is the primary source of trusted market data on HPC and HPDA (high performance data analysis) for governments, industry and academia worldwide. The business includes both consulting engagements and subscription services—the same ones the team provided as the IDC HPC team. The Hyperion team typically handles 5-6 government and private industry consulting engagements at a time. Governments have relied on the team’s consulting recommendations to make decisions as large as $12 billion. Hyperion private studies in the past year have covered topics including the status of machine learning and deep learning, preferences for processors and accelerators, cloud computing practices, HPC open software ecosystems, storage plans, and more.

Subscription information services include Technical Computing, the HPC User Forum, High Performance Data Analysis, and the HPC QView—a quarterly pivot table with deep data on worldwide sales of HPC server systems, processors/accelerators, and soon also storage.

The team also conducts a worldwide study of HPC end users—detailing their current vendors and resources, budget directions and purchasing plans. The 2017 version of this study, due out in the June-July time frame, will be published in six reports that can be purchased separately or as a discounted set:

  • Servers and Processors/Accelerators
  • Storage and Interconnects
  • Applications Software
  • System Software/Middleware (the Stack)
  • High Performance Data Analysis (Big Data-HPC convergence)
  • HPC Cloud Use

Q. Who can I contact for more information about Hyperion Research?