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HPC Award Recognition Program Application Form

Background Information

High performance computing (HPC) is a strong contributor to scientific advancement, industrial innovation, and the quality of human life. But few HPC success stories have been documented and quantified, and the relationship between investments in HPC and subsequent returns (ROI) is not well understood.

We have launched a program to both collect this data and recognize noteworthy achievements using High Performance Computing (HPC) resources.

We are interested in ROI examples from today or dating back as far as 10 years.

Please complete and submit a separate application form for each ROI / Innovation success story.

Your organization may have many ROI examples, it would be great if you could provide 3 to 5 today.

Examples include the creation or rendering of a single movie, the design of a new car engine, the design of a new water pump, invention of a new process, etc. If your organization used HPC to help design 5 movies, or 10 car engines, or made 5 innovations, it would be great to get applications for each of them.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The HPC team is available to answer questions, including how to quantify your achievements β€” Feel free to contact us at: ejoseph@hyperionres.com

Application Form
Please fill in the information below and submit.

You can also download a pdf of the form and fax it to 1-651-222-8474, or scan and email to ejoseph@hyperionres.com.

Contact Information
(All information will be confidential)

(Please be sure to enter all applicable information below carefully)

Basic Information

Name or title of project or accomplishment (12 words or less)

Briefly summarize the overall accomplishment that you made, including HPC-specific details, i.e. number of compute hours used (if known), any special software, etc. (using a maximum of 50 words).


Please explain how this innovation or accomplishment advances the state of the art in your particular scientific or technology field, or how it helped your organization generate financial success (i.e. generated more sales, lower costs, made more profits), and why it’s important to the world. (using a maximum of 50 words).

Investments Required

Did this accomplishment generate financial ROI or Innovation or both?

List Primary Innovation / ROI Area

For Projects that Created a Financial ROI

What are (or is expected to be) THE FINANCIAL RETURNS from this project/program/discovery:

What are (or will be) the TOTAL REVENUES?

What are (or will be) the TOTAL PROFITS?

What are (or will be) the TOTAL COST SAVINGS?
For non-revenue generating organizations including universities and government entities, cost savings may be the most relevant financial metric.

If this project/program/discovery CREATED NEW JOBS, about how many full-time equivalent jobs where created?
(number of jobs created or saved)

How many years from the start of research was it before the first returns started? (Years)

For Projects that Created an Innovation

What was general category of the innovation?

How would you rate THE IMPORTANCE OF this innovation compared to all other innovations in this field over the last ten years, using a scale of 1 to 5:

How would you rate THE IMPACT OF this innovation compared to all other innovations in this field over the last ten years, using a scale of 1 to 5:

Do you want to apply for the HPC INNOVATION Award Program?

Do you wish to keep all your inputs confidential?

Do you approve the above information to be used by HPC and its partners?

Do you also wish to have this information submitted to the HPC Innovation award program?

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