Presentations – Paris

2022 HPC User Forum, Paris, France

Speaker Organization Topic PDF Download
N/A HPC User Forum Agenda Click Here
 Earl Joseph Hyperion Research HPC Market Update Click Here
 Giles Wiber CEA CEA Computing Centres: Evolutions Click Here
 David Martin Argonne National Laboratory Building a Balanced Exascale System Click Here
Philippe Deniel CEA Storage Strategy for Exascale Click Here
 Johann Lombardi Intel DAOS Technical/Strategy Update Click Here
 Utz-Uwe Haus HPE HPE Technical Update Click Here
Eric Eppe ATOS ATOS Technical Update Click Here
 Thomas Geenen ECMWF  Destination Earth Video link coming soon
Patrick Schots Cornelis Networks  The Future of High Performance Fabrics Click Here
 Matthieu Wong Hang Lenovo Lenovo Technical Update Click Here
 Earl Joseph and Bob Sorensen Hyperion Research New Directions in HPC Click Here
 Bob Sorensen Hyperion Research Quantum Computing Activities Around the World Click Here
 Olivier Tonneau Quantonation Quantum Ecosystem, Venture Capital Click Here
 Jacques-Charles Lafoucrière CEA HQI: French initiative/platform for hybrid HPC+QC Click Here
 Pawel Gepner Graphcore Vendor Technology Update Click Here
 Josephine Wood EuroHPC JU EuroHPC Update Video link coming soon
 Jean-Marc Denis SiPearl SiPearl Vision Click Here
 Bastian Koller HLRS EU Competence Centres Click Here
 Jean-Pierre Panziera ATOS ATOS Vision for Europe Click Here
 Stéphane Requena GENCI Exascale France Project Click Here