Presentations – Tucson, AZ

September 6-7, 2023 HPC User Forum, Tucson, AZ

Speaker Organization Title PDF Download
N/A HPC User Forum Agenda Click here
Leonardo Flores Añover European Commission Developments in the European Union – EuroHPC Click here
Norman Bourassa NERSC Managing Energy & Water Use at NERSC: Multidisciplinary Teamwork Click here
Glenn Brook Cornelis Networks Interconnecting a Data-driven World Click here
Simon Burbidge DiRAC DiRAC UK Update Click here
Simon Burbidge DiRAC DiRAC Sustainability Click here
Steve Chien NASA Artificial Intelligence in Space and the Hunt for Life Beyond Earth! Click here
Aaron Fisher LLNL HPC4EI: National Laboratories Partner with U.S. Manufacturers to Increase Innovation and Energy Efficiency Click here
Gary Grider LANL LANL Platform Planning and Update Click here
Scott Hara Intel Intel, Innovative Technologies Panel Click here
Peter Harrington NERSC HPC+AI for Earth Sciences at NERSC Click here
Dion Harris NVIDIA Grace and Grace Hopper Update Click here
Amy Henninger DHS Homeland Security Site Update: From Science to Operations  Click here
Michael Heroux Sandia National Labs ECP Update and Future Sustainability Efforts Click here
Ronen Hyatt UnifabriX The Quest for Bandwidth and Capacity: Memory Edition Click here
Earl Joseph Hyperion Research Hyperion Research Market Update and High Growth Areas  Click here
Doug Kothe Sandia National Labs Reflections on the Exascale Era: Then and Now Click here
Jysoo Lee KAUST HPC/AI Activities at KAUST & the Middle East Click here
Ti Leggett ANL ALCF Sustainability  Click here
Bill Mannel HPE HPE Greenlake for Large Language Models Click here
Bill Mannel HPE HPE Vendor Update Click here
Gary Marchant Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law, Arizona State University Artificial Intelligence: Disrupting Law Click here
Piyush Mehrotra NASA Sustainability: NASA Advanced Supercomputing Facility at Ames Research Click here
Mark Nossokoff Hyperion Research Research Perspectives on Sustainability Click here
Craig Prunty SiPearl SiPearl Company Update Click here
Mark Seamans Penguin Solutions Penguin Solutions, Innovative Technologies Panel Click here
David Sherwood Cognitive Science and Solutions Diamond Artificial Intelligence (AI) Click here
Troy Shilt Sandia National Labs Partially Saturated Flow through Deformable Porous Media Click here
Stephen Sofhauser Dell Technologies Dell AI Strategy & Overview Click here
Bob Sorensen Hyperion Research HPC and Generative AI: A Game Change in the Making? Click here
Dan Stanzione TACC Datacenter Sustainability Panel: Perspective from TACC Click here
John Unthank IBM IBM, HPC User Forum Click here
Nick Wright NERSC Perlmutter and the Next Procurement – NERSC-10 Click here