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360 Degree View of Big Memory for HPC
December 10, 2020

Since 1969, the Von Neuman architecture has dominated memory infrastructure. Big Memory Computing transforms expensive, scarce and volatile memory, into a lower cost persistent memory tier that can eliminate the need for memory extension to storage. On Thursday, December 10, analysts, vendor technologists, and university researchers shared a 360 degree view of Big Memory Computing for HPC.

Speaker Representing Presentation Video DPF Download
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Mark Nossokoff Hyperion Research HPC Market Update and Observations on Big Memory Play Video Download pdf
Dr. Charles Fan MemVerge Big Memory Software for HPC Play Video Download pdf
Andrey Kudryavtsev Intel Impact of Intel Optane Technology on HPC Play Video Download pdf
Kevin Tubbs Penguin Computing LiveData Play Video Download pdf
Dr. Gene Cooperman Northeastern University Checkpoint the Uncheckpointable Play Video Download pdf
Earl Dodd WWT Preparing for and demonstrating the Next-Gen Big Memory Lab Play Video  
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Interviews with Leading Members of HPC Community
Industry leaders’ perspectives of HPC’s past, present and future.
For video links and document download: https://hyperionresearch.com/hyperion-research-interview-series

  • Paul Muzio
  • David Martin
  • Doug Ball
  • Doug Kothe
  • Gary Grider
  • Irene Qualters
  • Jack Collins
  • Jeff Broughton
  • Merle Giles
  • Michael Resch
  • Mike Bernhardt
  • Ryan Quick
  • Simon Burbidge
  • Steve Conway
  • Suzy Tichenor
  • Travis Humble
  • Earl Joseph

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